Improve the quality of your mobile or fixed net services and the expirience of your users by constant testing your networks using Acctopus' Degust® cloud based platform, including real devices, SIM card management and test projectmanagement at your fingertip.



Acctopus is one of the leading German providers of policy control and network test solutions for mobile and fixed networks. Our NetMaut® platform currently configures data sessions for more than 30 million users, whereas Degust® supports all required tests to raise the quality of their expiriences.

The flexibility and scalability of our products enables us to provide configurations for various target groups.

You are a mobile service provider operating your own mobile network. Your customers expect top network availability, speed and quality of service.

With our NetMaut® technology you manage sophisticated tariff models with significant efficiencies for your business.

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You provide attractive services for mobile communication without operating your own mobile network. You want to launch innovative products and flexible tariffs quickly and independently. 

With our NetMaut® technology you can realize a lot of options autonomously – make your ideas come true!

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You offer customers abroad a real alternative to high roaming charges. As an Alternative Roaming Provider you combine attractive roaming tariffs with additional offerings.

With our NetMaut® technology you manage all roaming services quickly and efficiently.

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You want to test functionalities of your mobile network or the network of your client.

Find out how Acctopus Degust® helps you to easily create thousands of end-to-end tests and execute them reproducibly.

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