Limiting Networks with Unlimited Options

Acctopus is one of the leading providers of policy control solutions for mobile networks.

Our NetMaut platform currently deals with more than 20 million users worldwide. Our technology controls the entire mobile access network and a large part of the tariff structure of one of the largest German mobile operators. Read more here.

Quality and flexibility of our solutions are most important to us. Our customers benefit from a flexible implementation by a fast time-to-market of their products and an easy integration in their existing landscapes. We always keep in mind international protocols and standards.

The Name Acctopus

... is a word creation.

Phonetically it reminds of the octopus. With its tentacles the octopus can reach many things at the same time, in the same way as we cover many interfaces and customer requirements with our products and services.

Moreover the term Acctopus contains the two abbreviations Acc for Access and Acct for Accounting - two very common terms in our business. Additionally it contains the term opus, the latin word for creation, emphasizing what a small team of highly professional experts is able to reach.

The Team

Whether software developer, quality engineer or product manager – we at Acctopus are a creative team of highly committed experts and talents.

Each and every one has its unique excellent expertise and experience, which in total build the company´s strength and competence.

How It All Began

The Company

Based on many years of experience in the telecommunication and network management industries Stefan Auweiler, the company owner, in 1999 founded a one-man-business called SAITC (Stefan Auweiler IT Consulting) which was renamed to Acctopus IT Consulting in 2007.

Initially the company had grown by contracts with freelancers until in 2009 the first employees were hired.

Due to continual growth the company was transformed to Acctopus GmbH in 2011 and today builds a highly engaged team of professionals in the areas of development, support, quality assurance and documentation.

Our Solutions

In 2001 we developed a highly innovative policy solution for one of the largest German mobile operators. This solution was implemented by Netzwert AG, Berlin (now part of NSN). Meanwhile it is in use at the major mobile operators in Germany and at many international mobile and fixed network operators.

In 2005 we started developing our own policy management system, the Acctopus Tariff Enhancer, which has been in use at one of the largest German mobile operators since 2008.

After various extensions of the Tariff Enhancer like the OCS, the SPR and the PCRF all systems were combined in the Acctopus NetMaut platform in 2014.

In order to be able to continuously test our products with regard to potential improvements we have developed software, which simulates the protocol and signalling behaviour of the customer's hardware in the network. This technology has resulted in a test environment which has gradually been expanded to the present Acctopus Degust