Alternative Roaming Providers

Unlimited Possibilities for Attractive Roaming Tariffs

You offer customers abroad a real alternative to high roaming charges. As an Alternative Roaming Provider (ARP) you combine attractive roaming tariffs with additional offerings.

Leverage the NetMaut infrastructure and control all roaming services selected by the customers quickly and efficiently, including accounting. 

Since July 2014, based on a new EU regulation, mobile customers can freely choose their roaming provider for mobile services in other countries of the EU - independent of their mobile service provider at home.  

This provides a great opportunity for Alternative Roaming Providers to open up new potentials for profit. Usual roaming charges are still much higher than the respective national tariffs.

Combine attractive roaming tariffs with additional innovative offerings and thus fulfil the needs of various customer groups. Develop flexible tariffs and bundles – with almost unlimited possibilities.

With NetMaut you get new tariffs and options faster onto the market, manage them efficiently and you are one step ahead of other ARPs and the mobile operators. 

Major Advantages of NetMaut for Alternative Roaming Providers

  • You are close to the customers...
    ... and control the roaming services they have selected quickly and efficiently using the NetMaut technology.

  • You open up new profit potentials...
    ... by designing attractive roaming tariffs combined with other offerings.

  • You gain a competitive advantage... a fast time-to-market and efficient management of new tariff options.