Mobile Operators

Fast Implementation and Efficient Management of Innovative Tariff Models

You are a mobile service provider operating your own mobile network. Your customers expect top network availability, speed and quality of service. Business demands in the mobile market rise rapidly.

NetMaut enables you to control the access of your customers to your mobile network and manage sophisticated tariff models from standard to premium quickly and reliably - with efficiencies for your own ressources.

The European mobile market will remain to be challenging and highly competitive. Key success factors are innovative ideas for mobile business models and their fast and solid implementation.

The NetMaut platform provides differentiated modules and interfaces to realize various established tariff models, combine them with new tariff options and manage them efficiently.

Integrated Solution - All Data Held in One System

Tariff management systems currently offered on the market allow a lot of standard functionality and have interfaces to various related systems providing and receiving relevant data. However, storing data in different systems requires more storage capacity, higher maintenance effort and may lead to multiple provisioning. Addtional data exchange between systems has a negative impact on the overall performance.

Here again, the NetMaut technology as an integrated solution offers significant advantages.

In the NetMaut platform customer and tariff data is only stored once. In case of requests by support or customer information systems no data needs to be aggregated, filtered, synchronized or prepared. At the same time the number of interfaces to other platforms and systems is reduced. This results in a decrease of costs and an increase of stability.

Using NetMaut involves less systems, system administrators, developers and suppliers - which besides reduced costs speeds up the time-to-market of products significantly.

Major Advantages of NetMaut for Mobile Operators

  • You save time and ressources... rapid implementation of various tariff models, the combination with new tariff options and their efficient administration.

  • You gain higher performance and stability... integrating all data within one system. This reduces storage needs and increases speed and stability as no data exchange between different systems is required.

  • You create room for new ideas... your Business Development, Marketing and Sales departments by providing unlimited tariff options, management of customer groups, control of redirections to relevant promotions.