Mobile Service Providers

More Flexibility and Faster Time-to-Market

You provide attractive services for mobile communication without operating your own mobile network. You want to get innovative products and flexible tariffs to the market quickly and independently. 

With NetMaut you autonomously control the access of your customers to the mobile network and at the same time manage their volume and time quota. You no longer depend on the technological capacities and development cycles of a mobile operator. All relevent status information of your customers comes from the existing session data. 

When designing innovative tariffs you can exploit almost unlimited capabilities. Thus your Business Development and Marketing teams can realize their full creative potential. With NetMaut you rapidly implement successful bundles inhouse. This technolocical independence cuts time-to-market significantly. 

Due to its support of various standard protocols and interfaces NetMaut can easily be integrated into your existing system landscape.

Major Advantages of NetMaut for Mobile Service Providers

  • You are independent and close to the customer...
    ... and can design and develop innovative tariffs autonomously. Moreover you can offer your customers consistent tariffs even when using different mobile networks.

  • You obtain a competitive advantage... a significantly reduced time-to-market of your products. A quick rollout to other regions/countries is possible.

  • You reduce costs considerably... a lean and fast product development. Reducing related external systems moreover allows saving operating cost fees.

  • You increase your impact on quality management...
    ...and control fail-safe stability yourself. Your own APN makes you independent of APN maintenances by a mobile operator.