NetMaut SPR

The NetMaut SPR (Subscriber Profile Repository) manages subscriber information such as tariff data and booked options.

Integration of the NetMaut SPR

Based on the stored data the SPR extracts the policies and profiles which are provided to the PCRF for the session control.

The NetMaut SPR either is provided with information actively (LDAP write, HTTP REST) or it draws its information from the CRM or the central subscriber databases (LDAP read, HTTP, DNS E.164), as soon as this is initiated by a network trigger.

Stored Data

Essentially the NetMaut SPR contains the following information:

  • subscriber categories
  • booked/allowed services
  • possible QoS characteristics for MBR and GBR
  • information relevant for accounting

Supported Interfaces

The NetMaut SPR supports a growing number of interfaces and applications:

  • Diameter Sp
  • LDAP
  • DNS Client (E.164)